Our album „Outcome Of Obnoxious Science“ will see a re-release on tape format by the South American label Burning Coffin Records. Release is set to December 2020. We will have copies available soon.

Get your brain vaporised in a vortex of filth and watch the music video for the title track:

This one was brewing for some time but will finally be released in December 2020. Three exclusive tracks by NIGHT HAG and four by CRYPTIC BROOD.

We recorded our music in December 2019 in our rehearsal room at s.v. Jugendhaus Ost in Wolfsburg. Vocals were recorded in the Lycanthropic Chants dungeon in February 2020. Marco Brinkmann at Hellforge Studio mixed our tracks in May 2020 and the mastering was handled by Bob Quirk in June 2020. Artwork by Caleb Dickenson. The LP was layouted by FINAdesigns.

Next week we would inhale the ancient stench of Scandinavia. Due to the current circumstances we’re not able to do so. Cross fingers we will be able to make this tour happen in 2021.

New merch from the brood is out now. T-shirts and longlseeves are available from sizes S to XXL.

T-shirts are printed on Fruit Of The Loom Super Premium (205g/m²) and longsleeves on Gildan Ultra Cotton (200 g/m²).

Order from our shop.

The brood hereby announces the upcoming “Inhaling Ancient Stench” tour with GOD DISEASE. There are still a few dates available. Get in touch if via crypticbrood@email.de or lycanthropic@email.de if you want us to play in your city.

“Inhaling Ancient Stench” tour 2020

22nd Apr, SWE/Malmö @ Enskiftet
23rd Apr, SWE/Göteborg @ The Abyss
24th Apr, NOR/Oslo @ Blitz
25th Apr, NOR/Trondheim @ Uffa
26th Apr, available
27th Apr, available
28th Apr, SWE/Härnösand @ Bittens Rockbar
29th Apr, SWE/Umeå @ Musikhuset-ABF
30th Apr, FIN/Oulu @ Toppila Klubi
01st May, available
02nd May, FIN/Turku @ Reviiri

Rotten Metal Of Death


Dark & Heavy Death Doom


Lycanthropic Chants
Underground support


We spread our filth on a mini tour on Japanese soil in 2017. Low Fidelity Assaults released a tape that contains two different sets fron this trip: An old school set with songs from the early demo, EP and split recordings and a “Brain Eater” setlist with songs from the first album only.

There are two different versions available: white edition and black edition. For more info and to purchase this live album go to our shop.

The “Brain Eater” set was also recorded with several cameras and is online on YouTube:

We’ll team up with CARNAL TOMB for a four days mini tour at the end of February 2020:

2020.02.26, GER/Leipzip @Stö (Facebook)
2020.02.27, GER/Weimar @Gerber 3 (Facebook)
2020.02.28, GER/Tannheim @Schwarzer Adler (Facebook)
2020.02.29, CHE/Basel @Hirscheneck (Facebook)

Check this full song and music video for the title track of our upcoming album “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science”:

The brood’s second full-length album is a sonic lobotomy that vaporizes your brain in a vortex of filth. Rotten metal of death to shatter your skull with ghastly grindcore and distasteful doom metal, (de-)composed in their dungeon in Wolfsburg/Germany.

CD: War Anthem Records
LP (EU): Terror From Hell Records
LP (US): Rotted Life Records
MC: Lycanthropic Chants

Album release date for all formats = 22nd November 2019

We’d like to present the final route for our “In The Grip Of Death” European Tour 2019 that kicks off today:

“In The Grip Of Death” European Tour 2019

Part I, ripping with HAEMOPHAGUS

31st Oct – ITA, Bologna @ Circolo Bunker (Facebook)
1st Nov – SVN, Postojna @ MCP (Facebook)
2nd Nov – HRV, Zagreb @ Klub Močvara (Facebook)
3rd Nov – AUT, Linz @ secret place (Facebook)
4th Nov – HUN, Győr @ A Beton (Facebook)
5th Nov – ROU, Cluj-Napoca @ Zipp It (Facebook)
6th Nov – ROU, Bucarest @ B52 (Facebook)
7th Nov – BGR, Sofia @ Grindhouse Skateboard Club (Facebook)
8th Nov – GRC, Ioannina @ Antiviosi
9th Nov – GRC, Larisa, @ Antidrastirio (Facebook)
10th Nov – GRC, Athens @ Temple Club (Facebook)

Part II, rotting with EKPYROSIS

14th Nov – GER, Regensburg @ Alte Mälzerei (Facebook)
15th Nov – GER, Halle an der Saale @ Turm (Facebook)
16th Nov – CZE, Slavonice @ Barakos (Facebook)
17th Nov – AUT, Graz @ Club Wakuum (Facebook)
18th Nov – HUN, Budapest @ A Kripta
19th Nov – CZE, Praha @ 007 (Facebook)
20th Nov – GER, Köln @ Valhalla Metal Pub (Facebook)
21st Nov – GER, Osnabrück @ Bastard Club (Facebook)
22nd Nov – GER, Berlin @ Kastanienkeller (Facebook)
23rd Nov – GER, Kassel @ Goldgrube (Facebook)