This one was brewing for some time but will finally be released in December 2020. Three exclusive tracks by NIGHT HAG and four by CRYPTIC BROOD.

We recorded our music in December 2019 in our rehearsal room at s.v. Jugendhaus Ost in Wolfsburg. Vocals were recorded in the Lycanthropic Chants dungeon in February 2020. Marco Brinkmann at Hellforge Studio mixed our tracks in May 2020 and the mastering was handled by Bob Quirk in June 2020. Artwork by Caleb Dickenson. The LP was layouted by FINAdesigns.

We spread our filth on a mini tour on Japanese soil in 2017. Low Fidelity Assaults released a tape that contains two different sets fron this trip: An old school set with songs from the early demo, EP and split recordings and a “Brain Eater” setlist with songs from the first album only.

There are two different versions available: white edition and black edition. For more info and to purchase this live album go to our shop.

The “Brain Eater” set was also recorded with several cameras and is online on YouTube:

Check this full song and music video for the title track of our upcoming album “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science”:

The brood’s second full-length album is a sonic lobotomy that vaporizes your brain in a vortex of filth. Rotten metal of death to shatter your skull with ghastly grindcore and distasteful doom metal, (de-)composed in their dungeon in Wolfsburg/Germany.

CD: War Anthem Records
LP (EU): Terror From Hell Records
LP (US): Rotted Life Records
MC: Lycanthropic Chants

Album release date for all formats = 22nd November 2019

Our upcoming album “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” will be released on vinyl by Terror From Hell Records in the EU and Rotted Life Records in the US. Release date is set to 22nd November 2019. Pre-sale of this gatefold LP will start soooon!

Hello world!

We’re back from a short slumber to unveil the release date for the CD version of our second album entitled “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science”. It will be released on 22nd November 2019 on War Anthem Records. There’s already one song streaming on their bandcamp page.

More info about other formats will be revealed very soon!

Our first album “Brain Eater” turns two years old this month!

On 1st March 2017 Xtreem Music released this piece of lobotomizing Death Metal rottenness on CD. A release on vinyl followed by Terror From Hell Records three months later. Tape format was handled by Weed-Hunter-Records.

Thanks for your support!!!

The brood starts recording a second full-length album on 14th March 2019. Like the first album it will be recorded in our rehearsal room at s.v. Jugendhaus Ost in Wolfsburg. Mixing and mastering will be done by Marco Brinkmann at Hellforge Studios.

More info will be revealed soon.

We’re withering in disgust to share seven inches of swampy wax with mighty ANATOMIA.

The 7″ will be available on tour in a special edition on bleached bone vinyl with different cover, limited to 97 copies.

Released and available via Lycanthropic Chants.

Two execlusive tracks will be featured on a split 7″ with the band MINENFELD from Osnabrück/Germany. It will be released on 16th March 2018 via Fucking Kill Records and Vulgar Records.

It’s available for pre-sale from us at this location or from the label’s bandcamp page.

Artwork was done by Skaðvaldur.

Listen here:

A limited version with a different (red) cover plus patch from each band is available from the labels page only too. 50 copies made. Regular edition, 250 copies:

Limited edition. 50 copies made.

There will also be a shirt with the cover art. Available in pre-sale only at this location.

Fucking Kill Records will release our “Wormhead”-EP on black wax. Limited to 200 copies. The pre-sale has already started. Get your copy here. Details:

  • For the first time on vinyl, “WORMHEAD”, the 4 song Mini-Album from 2015.
  • Limited to 200 handnumbered copies worldwide!
  • New “MENTAL FUNERAL” Mastering!
  • Release Date: 15.06.2017
  • comes with Inlay Card and MP3 Download

Our own copies will hopefully arrive in time for our “Sleazy Filth” tour.