HAEMOPHAGUS + CRYPTIC BROOD are going to serve you with the full range of filthy noise in November 2015. Grinding sickness and doomed out death metal rottenness will be delivered to the places listed below.

“DIY Death Metal Necromancy” Tour

SAT 21st GER, Berlin @Kastanienkeller
MON 23rd GER, Mülheim an der Ruhr @AZ Mülheim
TUE 24th BEL, Gent @Landhuis Squat
WED 25th NLD, Tilburg @LittleDevil Bar
THU 26th GER, Hamburg @Bambi Galore
FRI 27th DEN, København @KB18 kødboderne
SAT 28th POL, Szczecin @Klub Kosmos

Tour poster

All CRYPTIC BROOD shows in late 2015:

2015.11.12, GER/Wolfsburg @s.v. Jugendhaus Ost

“DIY Death Metal Necromancy” Tour
2015.11.21, GER/Berlin @Kastanienkeller
2015.11.23, GER/Mülheim an der Ruhr @AZ Mülheim
2015.11.24, BEL/Gent @Landhuis Squat
2015.11.25, NLD/Tilburg @Little Devil
2015.11.26, GER/Hamburg @Bambi Galore
2015.11.27, DEN/Copenhagen @KB18
2015.11.28, POL/Stettin @Klub Kosmos

2015.12.03, GER/Hamburg @Hafenklang
2015.12.04, GER/Chemnitz @Sanitätsstelle
2015.12.05, GER/Aalen @Night Of The Rotten Death

We’re looking forward to meet old friends and make new ones out there. So come to the shows and let’s have some beers together!

Haemophagus + Cryptic Brood are going to serve Europe with the full range of filthy noise in November 2015. Grinding sickness and doomed out death metal rotteness will be delivered to:

WED Nov. 18th ITA, northern Italy (SEARCHING!)
THU Nov. 19th AUT, Innsbruck/Salzburg (SEARCHING!)
FRI Nov. 20th CZE, PRAGUE or GER, Nürnberg (SEARCHING!)
SAT Nov. 21st GER, Berlin @Kastanienkeller
SUN Nov. 22nd GER, central Germany (SEARCHING!)
MON Nov. 23rd GER, Mühlheim an der Ruhr @AZ Mühlheim
TUE Nov. 24th BEL, Gent @Landhuis Squat
WED Nov. 25th NLD, Tilburg @Little Devil
THU Nov. 26th GER, Hamburg @Bambi Galore
FRI Nov. 27th DEN, Copenhagen @KB18
SAT Nov. 28th SWE, Göteborg (SEARCHING!)

Get in touch for the outstanding dates via email or Facebook at:

NOSPAM!crypticbrood@email.de [delete NOSPAM!]
NOSPAM!haemophagus@hotmail.it [delete NOSPAM!]


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Up the beers!


We’re looking forward to play two shows together with GRAVEYARD GHOUL in Berlin in Praha!

Two Days Of Death!